October 3, 2010

“I was 14 years old, bagging groceries at Jewel [in Algonquin], but there was a pizza place across the street [Jake’s Pizza],” says Gary Bougie. “I thought making pizzas would be a lot more fun than bagging groceries.” So began a lifelong love affair with pizza. While taking a year off to try his hand working for a food distributor (where he was the resident pizza expert), Bougie met Brittany Barth, general manager of Lindy’s (115 Park St., Wauconda; 847-526-9789), her family’s dockside restaurant on Bangs Lake, and they began to collaborate on a pizza project. The result? SLYCE Coal Fired Pizza (127 N. Main St., Wauconda; 847-469-8840)—a modern pizzeria with a coal-fired oven. The hand-stretched thin-crust 12-inch pies, made from scratch, start at $11.99 for the basic cheese and go up to $15.49. “People don’t say, ‘Oh, it’s so good,’” says Barth. “They say, “Oh, you can taste the fresh ingredients.’ I don’t think people are used to that.”